We expect members to post responsibly. Please respect your fellow members, and if you disagree with another, do so without being rude.
Be aware that posting and viewing of messages is restricted to MVSA members only.

If you need to use a hashtag, please place in the subject line of your message. e.g. Bargain model for sale #ads 
See the # Hashtags link on the left for hashtags available for your use and their descriptions.
Using these will help others find your message more easily and also enable others to mute messages where appropriate. (e.g. it may be that the workers don't want to receive messages about going flying). 
More information on how to use the hashtags can be found at
If you would like more hashtags to be created, please let us know both the hashtag and how you envisage it being used. 
Also remember that you can easily mute conversation topics.

If you find the volume of messages to be too much, you can change your subscription to 'daily summary' one email in a day, or 'special notices only'.


If you reply to messages by email, please trim the original message from your reply.
It is ok to leave a line or two to indicate, what item in the message, you are refering to.
This make reading a topic much easier, without having to wade through pages of repeating quotes.

Tony Burbidge / Jerry Stone

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